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Specialists in Bed Bugs we other detection and treatment services to domestic and commercial properties. Started in 2005 we are the world's first bedbug specialists and have driven the development of the industry. 100% green and focused on eradication and education we are globally acknowledged and quoted extensively.


Our website offers some of the best educational material to help people when we can’t get to you.


We offer both residential and commercial services with our highly effective patented passive bed bug monitors aiding the early detection of bed bugs in homes, hotels and hostels worldwide.


We also supply home treatment options via our website  and our shopping portal


As leaders in the fields of bed bug products and services we are committed to only providing technologies that work and that we have field experience of.  As such we will never offer:






Toxic chemicals


Sticky traps


Non-proven technology


Based in the Uk we offer advice and solutions to our clients worldwide and often called in by the media to give an honest scientifically based view on bed bugs backed by over 12 years of field based experience


We also offer a postal sample identification service .  We would much rather receive a sample and be able to offer an accurate assessment than receive an out of focus blur and be asked to guess what it is.  Our scientific approach does not facilitate guess work.  Samples are usually confirmed on the day of arrival via email or phone. 





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Bed Bugs Limited

Bed Bugs Limited

First floor 3a Cobden Road London SE255NY
020 7720 6468 Click to call